How to confirm email address and phone number on Facebook?

Facebook account creation has been a craze amongst the users ever since its beginning days and is not going to wear out any time soon. Thousands of users register into Facebook website on a daily basis. It is because it provides a simple and easy to use platform to remain in touch with the family and friends.
While creating a Facebook account, the users need to confirm their identity. This is done by entering the code received into the email address and the phone number in the space provided. Facebook signup confirmation email and the phone number on Facebook turn out to be quite useful in case your account suffers some mishaps. It helps you confirm your identity if your account suffers a lockdown. It can also be used to reset password in case of forgotten Facebook password or hacked Facebook account. 
Issues encountered while confirming email address:
While confirming Facebook alternate email address sometimes you may come across some issues with confirmation email for Facebook account…
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